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Hello, I am Akeilah -  the BrandKeeper at ProBuzz Marketing, my journey has been fueled by a passion for sales, sports, and tourism, which led me to pursue a marketing degree. Inspired by my parents' entrepreneurial spirit and my love for fashion accessories, I successfully launched my first business venture.


Establishing and promoting my own fashion brand quickly garnered credibility among family and friends. Their confidence in my abilities propelled me to expand my knowledge. I began volunteering my services to non-profits and sports stars, which allowed me to pioneer strategies on their Facebook pages before Social Media Management became mainstream. Through word-of-mouth marketing, small businesses sought my expertise in creating impactful marketing materials and strategies—all while maintaining a full-time career.


My career has encompassed diverse roles in sales, marketing research, product development, procurement, graphic design, and brand strategy, each deepening my enthusiasm for social media marketing and branding. This journey culminated in the founding of ProBuzz Marketing in 2019, driven by my commitment to empower businesses like yours.


At ProBuzz Marketing, I specialize in delivering innovative designs and strategic marketing. These skills have enabled me to craft a polished, professional, traditional yet innovative, trusted, and approachable brand for ProBuzz Marketing. Over the years, I have tailored the solutions that ProBuzz Marketing offers to the times—today focusing on Social Media Marketing, Brand Identity Design, and Website Design. These areas are pivotal in today’s branding landscape and allow me to precisely tailor my skills to meet each brand's unique needs. By merging creativity with strategic foresight, I consistently enhance brands' visibility and help them achieve their goals.


Discover how I can help your business thrive in an ever-evolving market landscape.

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